Where Food is Life- Manek Chowk


Street Food, I believe is the lifeline of the Human Race. Ahmedabad lives and eats on its streets and we owe obligation to the people who feed us.

When somebody mentions ‘Night street food’ in Ahmedabad, we immediately think of “Manek Chowk”. And yes, “Manek Chowk” is Ahmedabad’s most-famous street food; it is the symbol of the soul of the city and considered as signature food.

Manek Chowk “A Trip to Street Food in Ahmedabad”

Manek Chowk is a well known city square situated in Old Ahmedabad. It is hedged by historical structures. Whirling  open square near the centre of the city functions as a Vegetable Market in the morning and a Jewellery Market in the afternoon and the street food market at night.

Ahmedabad’s most famous attraction “Manek Chowk”— it’s incredible street food is famous for Gwalia Dosa, Pavbhaji, Sandwiches, Chocolate Icecream Sandwich and Kulfi.

Hot, Spicy and buttery Bhaji served with onions and slices of lemon, coupled with extra butter- dripping, just-off-the-tawa pavs. Pav Bhaji is a most famous food of Manek Chowk.

From Pau Bhaji, let’s moved to the next famous food, Gwalia Dosa, a spot on a square with Chutney and  Sambhar. South Indian Cuisine is one of the most demanded and loved cuisine in Ahmedabad and all the Amdavadis come to Manek Chowk to have this delicious and buttery Gwalia Dosa. Healthy, tasty and Buttery, ‘Gwalia Dosa’ consist all the qualities which any foodie will look for.

There’s no reason to miss dessert at this point, but we happen to be walking a little to have yummiee “Chocolate Icecream Sandwich and Kulfi”, where Icecreams make our dinner better. Old and famous “Kulfi” is one of famous and clearly not an opportunity to miss. Oldest Icecream “Kulfi” chains in Ahmedabad, which started in the year 1945 has been leading Kulfi with name “Asharfi” has become delicious Dessert and absolute treat for Amdavadis.

Explore “Manek Chowk”, famous for tasty and reasonably priced varieties of street food; one just has to keep taste buds ready for the delightful treats coming your way.


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