Kabristan mai cafe-‘Lucky restaurant in Ahmedabad’

Lucky Restaurant in Ahedabad

Lucky restaurant in Ahmedabad is one of the unique restaurants where you get the chance to dine with the dead. This restaurant has evolved from the cemetery (kabristan). Rather than dislodging the graves to make way for his restaurant, owner Krishnan Kutti decided not to remove them and instead made sitting and eating arrangements by setting tables at the space available between the kabars.


Dead people are related to “Ghosts” and “Evil Spirits.” Places related to dead people are known as gloomy and ill-fated and at times “Unlucky” but the New Lucky Restaurant in Ahmedabad is very surprising. It has 26 graves in total.  Ghostly right! But people happily come there, they sit for long hours and dine in the restaurant with the dead.

So what’s the secret behind the popularity of the non-traditional restaurant in Ahmedabad?

M.F.Hussain Painting

After the independence, when unoccupied plots were joined in the city for development, an ancient graveyard was bought by two young men – K.H.Mohammad and Krishnan Kutti Nair and they established tea stall outside the cemetery.  They used to sell tea and Maska buns. The masala tea is well-known, and soon they had to build a structure with tree shooting up through a hole in the roof in the family section of the restaurant, to serve the increasing number of customers with delicacies along with tea and maska bun.

Tea and Maska Bun

The popularity happened because of the “Masala Tea” served with a signature twist of adding cocoa powder to the tea. The combination of masala tea with Maska bun became very famous and had celebrity visitors as well. Renowned painter M.F.Husain was one of them, a friend of the late owner Mr. Mohammad.He made the painting by having tea and Maska bun at the new lucky restaurant in Ahmedabad and today also it holds the decorated position amongst the world’s first graveyard cafe.

Initially, the locals did not welcome the idea of dining with the dead, but then when they came to know that the graves belonged to 19th-century saints, the taboo phased out.Each morning the graves are cleaned, and fresh flowers are placed near them out of respect.

Lucky restaurant in Ahmedabad has climbed the lucky ladder by being world’s first Cafe made on the cemetery.It was even showcased in one of the episodes of OMG-Yeh Mera India, a tv show on the historytv18 channel. The innovative theme of dining with the dead is appreciated worldwide.

It’s a small cafe with limited seatings but their service speed don’t let anyone wait for too long so Ahmedabadis in a hurry to make money should take some steps towards this iconic place to get the right boost of caffeine with calorie.#Chai #Maskabun #Kabristanmaicafe #luckyrestaurant, are waiting for you to post them with you gulping soft and sweet Maska bun and tea.

Lucky Restaurant Ahmedabad Address:Opposite City College, Lal Darwaza, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380001


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