5 Gola places in Ahmedabad you need to check out this summer


A colorful ice Gola Places in Ahmedabad, usually known as “Gola”, is a popular summer delight. A dish enjoyed by all age groups in a hot and sunny climate in Ahmadabad. A bowl of crushed ice filled with sherbets of different flavors and colors, topped with dry fruits, fresh cream, fresh fruits.
A glass filled with ice gola will take up the energy of everyone. Don’t stop yourself and enjoy the colorful Gola!!!!!! So check out this 5 Ice Gola Places you need to check out this summer.

1)Someshwar RO Ice Centre

2)Mewad Gola

3)Gulab Golawala

4)Swati Ice Gola 

5)Candy Crush Gola

1) Someshwar RO Ice Center, Satellite

Someshwar RO Ice Center is the best place to enjoy Gola, you can enjoy variants of Gola. If you are health conscious and thinking that whether Gola is made of Pure ice or not, then you should not miss these place to enjoy Gola as they use “RO water”. If you visit Someshwar RO Ice Center, you should not miss Fruit Gola topped with all seasonal fruits like watermelon, kiwi, pomegranate, mangoes, orange etc. A delicious as well as healthy Gola!!!

Location: Someshwar RO Ice Center, Below Raksha Hospital, Judges Bungalow Road, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad

2) Mewad Gola, Law Garden

The famous shopping place of Ahmedabad is also famous for its amazing Gola. If you visit Mewad Gola, you should not miss Mewad Rajwadi Special-traditional flavors like Rabdi, kesar, Mawa etc. A perfect bowl filled with dry fruits, tooty fruity, cherry and your favorite flavor added on it will fill your tummy. Another which you can try is Cad bury Special- if you are Cad bury lover, you should not miss this as well. A bowl filled with crushed ice topped with chocolate, dry fruits, milkmaid and sprinkled chips on it will take you to the royal world.

Location: Mewad Gola, Samartheshwar Mahadev, Law Garden, Ahmedabad

3) Gulab Golawala,Usmanpura

Busiest place during summer in Ahmedabad is Golawala’s. You can find long queue of customers waiting for their turn to purchase Gola. If you are visiting Gulab Golawala, Usmanpura, then you should not miss Falsa – authentic flavor of Falsa filled with their secret masala’s.

Location: 46 Maneklal Marg, Shantinagar, Sharda Colony,Usmanpura, Ahmedabad

4) Swati, Law Garden

Authentic Gola of the town! One must try Orange Lichy Gola- a perfect combination of both the flavors in one Gola.

Location: Swati Snacks, Law Garden, Ahmedabad

5) Candy Crush Gola, Judges Bungalow

Candy Crush Gola consists of almost all the varieties of Gola’s say Dish Gola, Ice-cream Gola, Mousse Gola. If you are hygiene conscious then you need not worry as they make Gola syrups at home. If you visit this place you should not miss Candy Crush Special dish gola topped with vanilla ice-cream, chocolate sauce and gems.

Location: Candy Crush Gola, Ratna Palace, opp. Mother Milk press, near Sambhav Press, Judges Bungalow Road, Ahmedabad

Do not miss these places if you are in this area of Ahmedabad and need a quick refreshment.


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