Top 5 Famous Chai Wallah’s in Ahmedabad


“Chai “ A Magic key to crave your Brain. A cup of  “Kadak Chai” is a cup of peace of mind. A great cup of Chai in the morning makes your yesterday distant. Chai Culture for Amdavadis has spotted on the top list,  ek cup kadak chai refreshes your mind and excuses you to share great thoughts and ideas. No matter what other beverage you try, but “chai ka kaam sirf chai karti h”

Students and young professionals are addicted  to one cup of Kadak Chai at roadside tea stall. Ek cup Kadak Chai keeps us going from a long tiring day.

Globalisation doesn’t mean we accept modernization or cease down something we have done perfect – ek cup Kadak Chai. Roam anywhere in Ahmedabad ,  ek cup Kadak  Chai and Muskaban is the best matched combination. One can find small stoles for chai at almost every place in Ahmedabad right from Offices to Airport. We just need to have an urge for Chai. Let’s explore some famous Chai Wallah’s in Ahmedabad!

KK Tea Stall, IIM Road

The consistent taste of perfect Chai at KK Tea Stall has made it the happiest nerve center  for Amdavadis with its Chai and Masala Ban. The Kitli attracts kids to professional along with the morning walkers. Crowd remains at the stall from 6 am to 7:30 am in the morning.

Lucky Chai, Lal Darwaza

Ek cup Kadak Chai in the morning is beginning of your “Ache Din”. Aroma of strong chai made with usage of fat milk & sugar can be aroused at the restaurant.  Lucky Chai is well- known for its rich, creamy compactness of Tea.  Amdavadis always prefer to have  Maskaban  with Kadak Chai.

Apna Adda, SG Highway

“Chai” being a most common and popular beverage , one such popular spot is “Apna Adda” serving Chai in Kullhad.  Apna Adda serves flavoured Chai – Masala Chai and Pudina Chai a medicine to cure your hectic day. The crowded tea stall of Ahmedabad- you would be lucky if you could find any empty spot there.

Chai Wai

Chai Wai famous for its Elaichi and Kesar Chai along with its desi  breakfast “Handwa” attracts Amdavadis.  “Chai” being a ritual of India- you don’t need to target audience, just an outlet with good ambience and aromatic Chai is enough to attract Amdavadis.

Varie Tea

Varie Tea , with its perfect taste and the colours that brew the environment is served with 75 different varieties of tea  and other refreshments. The Tag line outright as “Chai, Masti and More” with its beautiful ambience – low sofas and board games , walls adorned with paintings of kettles.

A cultural symbol of acceptance for Ahmedabad and a fuel to every Amdavadis  which keeps you energetic for the entire day. Chai an ice breaker for guest  to continue with your intense discussion further.



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